Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Μορφεύς), the son of Sleep, and the god of dreams. The name signifies the fashioner or moulder, because he shaped or formed the dreams which appeared to the sleeper. (Ov. Met. 11.635; Hirt, Mythol. Bilderb. p. 199.)

Downright tired in this winter white
Though my best sleep is dressed in black
Ample hours to dream, still I lack
Repose, and wander through the night

A drink or two, blackjack straight through
Till dawn, ever unrequited love
Nothing brings peace, Heaven above
Send Morpheus to me, for I am due

Will you sing softly? Will you keep
Watch as the light begins to wane?
Steadfast and sweet, will you remain
God of my dreams, and let me sleep?


Nesta said...

metamorph, mythologies..


slngln said...

morphin. yes.
link is coming.